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JFG can offer discount jet charter packages that include transportation, private body guards, luxury hotels and more.

JFG has provided online air charter booking services to a wide array of customers, including business and leisure travelers, sports teams and corporations worldwide.

•The true cost of flying on a private jet had always been shrouded in the mystery of technical terms and hidden fees that could be confusing for even a seasoned traveler. JFG simplified the process by creating the “Charter Jet Price Guarantee”. The charter price you are quoted is the price you pay.

•JFG operates on the principles of absolute and complete jet customer service. His team creates personalized private charter flights that cater to their passengers every want and need, including the arrangement of gourmet meal service, special beverages, in-flight entertainment, and other amenities.

We represent you, our valued customer. You tell us your needs, we provide you with full service, safety, security, luxury and convenience at the best prices possible, with as little as four hours notice, access anywhere in the world. Just use our booking engine to get an instant quote.

We provide the kind of personal attention you would expect from a luxury concierge. Our amenities include roomy leather seats, complimentary in-flight movies, wet bar and gourmet meals of your choice. There is no lengthy check-in process. You pull right up to the aircraft and your luggage is loaded directly from your car into the plane. Ahh, Perfection!

Flying by charter differs from scheduled aviation in many ways, but from the point of view of the customer it can be summarized in three words: efficiency, privacy and flexibility.

JFG has one of the largest fleet of private jet aircraft. With a network of over 300 jet service providers in the United States and abroad, JFG can match your travel needs instantly with the right private jet charter for your trip. We have thousands of jet aircraft waiting for your reservation so call us today. Private jet rental is affordable, safe and convenient. VER MAS

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